Achievements of the Federation


  • 1977-1988 Organised Annual Raas & Garba (Folk Dance of Gujarat) competition at Wembley Conference Centre. Wembley. Each year 10 groups participated.
  • 1979 Folk Dances of Gujarat & Rajasthan were produced and staged at Wembley Conference Centre. Number of participants were 150.
  • 1996 Performing Arts students showcase - 200 students performed their class work at Patidar House in presence of their parents.
  • 2004 Programme of various Dances were held on 7th March 2004 at Copland Community School, Wembley. Number of students participated in it were 110. 500 Guests attended and witness high quality performance.

Sponsor and organised performances of Guests Artist.

  • 1982 Tour organised through out United kingdom for concert of the Gujarati well known singers Harshida Rawal and Janardan Rawal from Ahamedabad. Total number of concerts organised were 25.
  • 1984 Rang Bahar Group (Folk Dances) was sponsored from Ahmedabad and organised 21 performances through out London and Leicester and Birmingham.
  • 1992 A concert was organised at Patidar House of a well known Gazal singers Shukla sisters from Bombay.
  • 1993 A concert was organised at Patidar House of a well known singer Maya Deepak Panchal from Ahmedabad.

Social Events

  • 1991 Seminar organised on Patidar Unity in UK.
  • 1991 Patidar Conference organised at Harrow Leisure Centre 9000 members attended.
  • 1995 First time construction of float for Diwali celebration. Programme was organised by Brent Council.
  • 1996 Health seminar on diabetes and diabetes screening was organised for Senior Citizen.
  • 2000 A lecture was organised on Vastu Shastra.
  • 2001 Federation's 25th Anniversary celebrated on 9th November 2001 at Kadwa Patidar Centre, Kenton in presence of 500 guests.
  • 2002 Students of Folk and Kathak dance participated in Queens Golden Jubilee parade.
  • 2004 dents of Folk and Bollywood dance participated in Respect Week at Round wood Park, Willesden Green. Organised by Brent Council.
  • 2004 dents of Folk dance participated at Diwali celebration held at Barham Park, Wembley.