Aims & Objectives

The Federation is committed to encourage the creative abilities inherent in everyone, and that these abilities deserve the best facilities in space and tuition to allow them to develop. The Federation believes that the performing arts from the Indian sub-continent have an important role to play in a multi ethnic society both in continuing a tradition and educating others about it and in contributing to the fusion and mixing which can enrich the arts of a multi ethnic society.

The Federation believes that the Patidar community can serve the greater community by encouraging people of all cultures to share a space where they can practice their own art forms and commence a sharing and osmosis which will enrich all members of all communities.

The Federation believes it can thus develop the local and national community and awareness by:

  • Providing a dynamic environment to encourage arts development.
  • Stimulating artists at all levels by offering first class tuition and opportunities to showcase their work.
  • Providing all ethnic communities chances to showcase their work.
  • Increasing racial harmony and understanding by bringing peoples of different communities together to see each other's work and, ultimately, to work and create together.
  • Promoting standards of excellence in all its arts activities, from junior teaching to marketing its activities.
  • Marketing its work to all members of the community to make this space their own.
  • Developing partnerships locally, nationally and internationally to share expertise and create network.
  • Showcasing the best work from other cities and countries as models of good practice to local artists.
  • The advancement of the Hindu religion throughout the United Kingdom.
  • The relief of poverty, sickness and distress and in particular to render whenever and wherever possible financial assistance to the poor and disabled.
  • The provision of assistance in the provision of facilities for education, recreation and other leisure time occupations for the benefit of the members of the community particular those of the Patidar community in the United Kingdom, in the interests of social welfare and in order to improve their quality of life.
  • To support, promote or undertake activities for such other charitable purposes as committee shall from time to time think fit.
  • To have a voice for our people at both, local and government level for the betterment of the Gujarati Community at large.