Senior Citizen Club

Federation of Patidar Associations runs Senior Citizen Social Club from Mon to Fri at 10am. The club provide various activities like reading Gujarati newspapers & magazine regularly, discussion forum on topics of Health, Family, Nature, Migration etc is encouraged, in addition light snacks is provided everyday. The club is established to enhance the Social Skills of getting out and meeting people, Independence and to overcome the feeling of Isolation.

Senior Citizen Social Club always look for new activities to keep the Club going smooth and exciting, regular seminars are organised on issues related to the older people like, diabetes, Artesia, Blood pressure etc.

For the entertainment activity each and every member's Birthday is celebrated giving them their importance, not to forget the celebration of various Festival with lunch parties and get together of all the members.

The club has a paid staff available to its senior members to provide any kind of help like filling the forms, dealing with doctors or hospitals appointment, translation service etc. These above service are kept confidential.

At present 75 members are registered with the paid membership of £5 per year. (Contribution for daily snack is optional).

We would like to thank Federation of Patidar Association and each and every Senior Citizen Members for their help and support in putting this Social Club together.

We hope the services provided at the Patidar House for Senior Citizen will help make elder peoples life more enjoyable and comfortable. Your comment and feedback are welcome.

Time Fees

Monday - Friday From 10.00am - 2.00pm

Yoga Class (Monday,Tuesday and Friday)- 10am to 12noon


£5.00 per year

£2 (non members), £1 (members)


For further information, please contact Reception on 020 8795 1648 / 020 8902 1974.