The Federation of Patidar Associations (herein shall be called as Federation) is a Gujarati Hindu Patel community organisation established in the UK on 7 November 1976. Federation is one of the largest Patel organisation in the UK with 15 affiliated organisations and having approximately 17,000 family membership. This is a Charity organisation bearing the Registered Charity No. 1076284.

The Patidar Communities in London

The name - Patidar - refers to a community of peoples having their origins in the now state of Gujarat in North West India. They are linked by this common heritage, and often by family names, the most common being Patel, Desai and Amin, but their journey to the UK was a complex one. Some came direct from Gujarat but most from various strands of the Patidar Diaspora particularly from East Africa. And of course there are now generations born in the UK as part of its modern multi- ethnic society.

Many of the members of these families were businessmen in India or East Africa and, in spite of often unfortunate circumstances which brought them to the UK, have built successful businesses here. The community has striven hard to maintain its identity culturally by forming associations in towns where they are based. 6 of these associations came together in 1976 to form the Federation of Patidar Associations.

The primary goal of the Federation and its building, has been to put the social, cultural and artistic activities of the Patidar communities under one roof. Working for the UNITY OF PATIDARS.

The Patidar House

Old building was purchased freehold in May 1992. Which was used for various activities up to October 2003. In Year 1998 redevelopment of Patidar House Project was approved. Under Chairmanship of Late Pranlal Sheth (CBE), assisted by Rameshbhai S. Patel, project was developed and after lots of thought, project was given to Vascroft Contractors Ltd. to design and built New Patidar House. Foundation Laying Ceremony was performed on 11th November 2001 by Late Babubhai J.Patel of Mahelav. Detailed plan of each floor of the building was prepared by the Architect, Essex Goodman. Old building was demolished in November 2003 for redevelopment. Construction work for the five story purpose built new building was started in January 2004. Building was completed and handed over to the Federation on 10th June 2005.