London Road Nursery !!

Nursery is providing most valuable both full time and part time services to the community at large in the heart of Wembley.. The nursery is registered with OFSTED and currently takes care of 59 children including 12 babies.

Opening Hours

The nursery is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm and provide care for children aged 6 months to 5 years.


N.B. We provide information and help to obtain child education, CAP Grant and Tax Credit for parents who have low income and attending college.

Early Experience

Your child´s early years set the foundations for his or her future educational career and helps to develop vital social skills. At London Road Nursery, we believe the experience should take place in a secure, exciting and above all fun environment.

Through Care

We are a friendly nursery with a commitment to providing a safe and secure environment.

Our team of staff are highly qualified and our system of key carers ensures that every child receives the best possible pastoral care.

Through Play

For young children, play is the natural way to interact with other children and their environment. We make use of children´s natural instinct for play in a structured and progressive manner and they soon discover thatlearning can be fun.

Through Quality Assurance

We are working with our staff to provide your child with a Quality Assured nursery. Quality Assurance means at London Road Nursery, we aim to provide the best childcare through the recruitment, training and development of all our staff.

All our staff receive additional training in care and education, health and safety, child protection and food safety. Our nursery is regularly inspected by OFSTED and our report is available fro you to view on the internet at the OFSTED website

Through Learning

Our programme of structured play is designed to allow children to discover and develop their own skills within a stimulating environment.

Children at London Road Nursery successfully acquire a grasp of various concepts and a wide range of skills.

Together, they give your child an edeal base upon which to make a successful transition to infant school and support their future education.

Through Parents

At London Road Nursery we always welcome feedback from parents and look forward to discussing activities your child has participated in throughout their day and we welcome the opportunity to provide you with updates on your child`s development.

In Person

No prospectus can do full justice to our nursery and philosophy. Why not arrange to visit us, so that you can discuss in detail your needs and desires for your child and see the high quality environment we offer.